Jen Psaki Not Sure When Hidin’ Biden Will Return to the White House

White House aides on Tuesday said they did not know when President Joe Biden would return to Washington, DC, after the president left Monday to resume his August vacation at Camp David.

“The president will return to the White House. I don’t have an exact time for you,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said to reporters during the daily briefing.

Psaki said Biden would do an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos while at Camp David, which would be aired on Wednesday.

She said Biden would likely address the situation in Afghanistan in the upcoming days as well as deliver an update about the coronavirus pandemic. But she said it was unclear when he would return to the White House.

“In terms of additional portions of the schedule next week, we’re still working those through so I don’t have an update at this moment in time,” Psaki said.

Biden returned to the White House from Camp David for a few hours on Monday to address criticism of his bungled attempt to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

After his speech, he returned to the presidential retreat, where he has been since Friday.

White House national security advisor Jake Sullivan defended Biden’s decision to remain at Camp David, despite unprecedented chaos in Afghanistan.

“The president worked throughout the entire weekend,” he said, insisting Biden was monitoring the crisis “hour by hour.”


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