Poll Shows Near-Even Split on Congress Providing More Aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian Military Forces servicemen of the 92nd mechanized brigade use tanks, self-propel
SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images

A poll published Tuesday showed a near-even split in the United States on providing more aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia.

The poll, conducted by Hart Research Associates/Public Opinion Strategies Study from January 20-24 and published by NBC News, shows that 49% surveyed said Congress should provide more funding and weapons to Ukraine, while 47% said it should not.

The margin of error was approximately 3%.

Congress has committed more than $113 billion in aid to Ukraine since Russia invaded the country in February 2022.

The poll also showed that more people disapproved of President Joe Biden’s handling of the war between Russia and Ukraine than approved. The poll showed that 50% disapproved of his handling, and 41% approved. Four percent had no opinion and 5% said they were not sure.

The poll was conducted as the Biden administration was deliberating sending Abrams M1A2 tanks to Ukraine, something it had held out on for months over concern the tanks would be escalatory and too difficult for Ukrainian forces to operate and maintain.

Biden announced Wednesday, January 25, that he decided to purchase 31 tanks for Ukraine, which will likely take months, if not more than a year to arrive. He framed the decision as part of helping Ukraine defend itself against Russia and not a “threat” to Russia.

The tanks were part of a $400 million aid package, bringing the total military support the Biden administration has committed to Ukraine to more than $27 billion.

After the announcement on tanks, Democrat and Republican senators praised the decision, with Republicans calling it overdue.

Only Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) immediately criticized the decision, tweeting: “Another Forever War — while China runs rampant, undeterred.”


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