Nolte: Drug Shortages Hit Record High in Joe Biden’s America

Close-up of an opened prescription bottle, labelled as containing the opioid hydrocodone,
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“Drug shortages in [Biden’s America] have hit a record high, and lawmakers warn they could mean life or death for millions of patients,” reports DC News Now.

Why is it in Biden’s America that we always run out of stuff we need most, like prescription drugs, baby formula, and gasoline, but never the junk that is bad for us, like porn, marijuana, public school teachers, FBI agents, CNN contributors, alcohol, Indian casinos, and college?

And why is it that in Biden’s America, we never run out of TVs, and TVs become ridiculously cheaper every year while health care, food, and energy costs explode?

Unless you’ve experienced it, you can’t imagine the horrors associated with a shortage of drugs — and I, of course, don’t mean illegal and deadly drugs like fentanyl. Thanks to His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s open border, there is enough fentanyl in America to kill every American a hundred times over. No, I’m talking about life-saving drugs, prescription drugs that make it possible for good people like my wife to live a fairly normal existence, to enjoy a quality of life impossible without them.

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U.S. Customs and Border Protection


A House committee is investigating what Congress can do to the supply chain to make sure doctors don’t have to keep rationing essential drugs like cancer treatments.

Health experts agree the shortages of hundreds of generic drugs need urgent attention.

But they’re still trying to build consensus on a remedy.

What remedy?

The only remedy is to get the government hell out of the way.

TVs are plentiful and cheaper every year because they are not over-regulated, and the competition is fierce.

If the government treated TVs like it does food and drugs, TVs would always be out of stock and cost $800 a month, thanks to ObamaTVcare.

Drug shortages are what happens when the government focuses on everything but the basics of government, which is looking out for our comfort and safety. Instead of focusing on the basics, the government is obsessed with DEI, providing sex changes, protecting Ukraine’s border, and gas stoves.

Sane Americans would never put up with this. But half the country — Democrats — are insane and honestly believe war, inflation, scarcity, violent crime, allowing mentally ill men to destroy women’s sports, and child mutilation are preferable to mean tweets.

Bottom line: Thanks to Joe Biden’s heartless incompetence and wide open border, life-saving drugs are scarce, and fentanyl from China and Mexico is killing Americans in record numbers.

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