Report: Pregnant House Democrat Openly Contemplates Aborting Her Unborn Child

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Democrats met at the Democrat National Committee (DNC) headquarters (instead of the Capitol) on Tuesday to reduce leaks while discussing who they should support for president after President Joe Biden’s terrible debate performance.

Despite the precaution, some lawmakers leaked some of the contents to the media, characterizing the huddle as a “funeral” with a “significant amount of frustration” and “sadness.” One such leaked remark allegedly came from a pregnant House Democrat, who, during the meeting, allegedly openly contemplated aborting her unborn child, NOTUS reported, without providing the name of the lawmaker. The lawmaker noted that she is over 40 and could face complications and appeared to allude that she might not be able to obtain an abortion later in pregnancy, should former President Donald Trump be elected, according to the report.

“At one point, one House Democrat — whose name NOTUS is withholding, at the congresswoman’s request — announced to the caucus that she was pregnant,” reporters Riley Rogerson and Reese Gorman wrote:

And she said that being pregnant over the age of 40 means she’s at a higher risk of health complications. She noted she currently lives in a state where she has the power to make certain choices about her health and her child, but — according to three members who relayed the anecdote — she said that, if Trump wins, she may not have that ability.

One of the unnamed members who spoke to NOTUS called the pregnant lawmaker’s comment “super powerful.”

“I think people were very moved by it. But I don’t think it changes the overall dynamic with the Black Caucus,” the lawmaker allegedly added. 

The morning caucus meeting ultimately “didn’t do much to sway Democrats that Biden is actually the right choice.” However, it was “clear Biden isn’t going anywhere” because too many Democrats refuse to abandon him, the report continued. 

“We’re riding this horse at this point,” one House Democrat, who privately would prefer to oust Biden, told NOTUS. “And so I’m shifting gears. I’m gonna make my best case that we should pick the old guy against the crazy guy.”

Katherine Hamilton is a political reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow her on X @thekat_hamilton.


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