MILO: ‘I Don’t Give A Flying Toss About The Trump Tapes’


Breitbart Editor In Chief Alex Marlow and senior editor MILO discussed politics, the presidential elections and the implications of a Trump or Clinton presidency as part of an event at George Washington University titled “Marlopoulos” earlier this evening at 5:30PM EST.

During the Q&A session, one audience member from China began to ask question before being asked what his “spirit animal” is by Alex Marlow.

“Nobodies to be giving pronouns or spirit animals” interjected Milo. 

“It’s obvious my pronouns are he, him and his” said the audience member to a round of applause, “Yes!” said Milo, “and you know why that is? Because you were born a man!”

“Ok so spirit animal, tiger, I love it” continued the young man, “So today the main question I want to ask is about the T word, Trump. As a lot of us have known, Trump made lewd comments in 2005 about women, I mean personally I’ve been staying in America for four years, I respect the idea to show some level of respect towards political correctness however it’s reaching a level that is affecting my day to day life. Like pronouns and changing grammar and stuff, so instead of saying ‘he’ or ‘she’ I have to say ‘him’ or ‘her’, it makes my paper look redundant, it makes my speech seem redundant, blah blah blah!”

“This is very underrated!” said Marlow, “this is the aesthetic argument against these bogus pronouns, they look like shit!”

“It’s like they went out and found the ugliest combinations of letters in the alphabet,” said MILO, “have you seen these xyr’s, zym’s, they’re like X, Y, R, it’s like they wanted the pronoun to be as ugly as they are!”

The audience member continued saying, “So my question actually has two parts, both of the speakers agree that what Donald Trump was saying in the bus in 2005 is actually stepping over the boundary of just going straight forward and was actually being rude and disrespectful to females and my question is will Donald Trumps campaign actually influence the media of how they’re wording their reports and how Americans respond to political correctness in the near future?”

“Of course the comments are over the line” replied Marlow, “well we had a video interview we did a couple of weeks ago over at the Watergate hotel with Juanita Broaddrick who’s one of the women who’s accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault where she describes a brutal rape and then him holding her down and raping her again. He settled the sexual harassment with Paula Jones, he’s had affairs with Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky as we know, what he’s done to disrespect women over his lifetime is unprecedented and HIllary Clinton ran the war rooms to try and ruin these women’s lives.”

“That’s not a factor on the campaign trail because ‘oh Bill’s not on the ticket’ yeah but you’re gonna go after Donald Trump because Eric Trump tweeted something stupid, family members have been fair game in this election aside from Bill because they know Bill is a huge vulnerability. There’s been dozens of women who have accused him of these things, a new one came out this week but again not a fraction of the coverage on the Clinton News Network [CNN] as Donald Trump saying something kind of over the top eleven years ago on a hot mic.”

“I don’t agree,” said MILO, “I think for reasons of propriety and maybe because people’s girlfriends are watching they have to pretend otherwise but I don’t know anyone that hasn’t said something like that. Maybe I hang out in particularly disreputable circles but I don’t believe I do and I don’t believe anyone, I particularly don’t believe anyone crying foul about it when they said they’ve never heard anyone talk like that and they’ve never said that themselves. Of course they have that’s how people talk.”

“Now it seems to me that the only valid criticism here is, is that how a presidential candidate talks and if it isn’t is it acceptable to have a go at things he said eleven years ago when he had no idea he’d be running for president. It seems to me that how presidents ought to talk is part of the speech codes and language codes, stultifyingly dull political correctness which is part of what’s energising part of the Trump movement in the first place. How president’s ought to talk is all part of the problem and of course the way he spoke eleven years ago is completely irrelevant to him running for president now,”

“Aside from all of that” continued MILO, “more fundamentally, I just don’t care that much about these remarks. I don’t believe anyone when they say they’ve never made a remark remotely like that, I think everyone has. I have and everyone I know has, particularly under thirty and I don’t think anyone under thirty gives a flying toss about language like that because we all talk like that, pretending otherwise is just lies.”

Watch the full clip below.