Petition: ESPN Must 'Immediately Suspend' Broussard for 'Gay Bashing' Petition: ESPN Must 'Immediately Suspend' Broussard for 'Gay Bashing' has started a petition to get ESPN reporter Chris Broussard immediately suspended from the network for comments he made regarding Jason Collins’s homosexuality, which Broussard said was a sin according to his personal Christian beliefs. The group said Broussard was engaging in “gay bashing.”

The petition reads:

Chris Broussard’s hateful attack on Jason Collins for being gay was an unacceptable misrepresentation of the Christian faith. ESPN must immediately suspend Chris Broussard and guarantee that their network will never again be used for gay bashing.

In its “petition background” statement, the left-wing organization says that after Jason Collins “emphasized the importance of his Christian faith in accepting himself and deciding to come out,” ESPN’s Broussard “attacked” Collins. 

After ESPN expressed “regret” after Broussard, speaking to his friend and sports reporter/editor LZ Granderson, who is openly gay, said he believed those who are gay or have premarital sex are were “walking in open rebellion to God.” Granderson has repeatedly said that those on the left  need to accept viewpoints, like Broussard’s, that may be different from theirs. Broussard, after making his remarks on Monday’s “Outside the Lines,” later respectfully defended his personal Christian beliefs in a statement on Twitter.