Threats Made Against Sorority of Girl Who Accused Jameis Winston of Rape

Threats Made Against Sorority of Girl Who Accused Jameis Winston of Rape

Guards are reportedly being placed at the Florida State University sorority house of the woman who accused star quarterback Jameis Winston of rape. According to the Daily Mail, the sorority reportedly received a bomb threat, but officials would not confirm the threat. This is not the only harassment sorority members are facing on campus.

One site says they have been told not to wear letters around campus and a girl’s car, sporting sorority markings was vandalized. The same site said there had also been a bomb threat made. 

MailOnline has chosen not to name the sorority. A student backed up the claims on Twitter, writing: ‘FSU stop harassing (unnamed sorority)!! They didn’t do anything. One girl doesn’t represent an entire sorority. And we STILL DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!’ 

Yesterday an armed security guard spent the day patrolling outside the building, in Tallahasse, Florida. Later in the afternoon he was joined by a colleague.

FSU is a favorite to make it to the BCS national championship game and Winston is favored for the Heisman as the top college football player. Many fans believe the woman’s claims are false and meant to stop both from happening even though her family has vehemently denied those allegations, saying she first went to the police last year. They have turned to the internet to lash out at the woman and the home crowd cheered for him at their game last Saturday.

On December 7, 2012, Winston allegedly raped a young woman at an off-campus apartment. A student called the cops a few hours later, and she cooperated with the police. Police took a rape kit and blood work did not show she was intoxicated, even though there were reports of her taking shots at a bar.

She identified her attacker as Winston one month later, but in February Winston’s attorney Tim Jansen said the incident was no longer being investigated. The victim’s family said the investigating officer, Scott Angelo, purposely did not push forward with the case and has accused the Tallahassee Police Department of threatening the alleged victim with a life that would be “miserable” if she went forward with the charges.

After it was recently revealed that DNA from the alleged victim’s underwear matched Winston’s, Winston’s camp alleged the sex was consensual. The alleged victim’s family has said Winston raped her. Prosecutors will reportedly decide in two weeks whether they will press charges against Winston.