Attorney: Three Witnesses for Jameis Winston Say Nothing Illegal Happened

Attorney: Three Witnesses for Jameis Winston Say Nothing Illegal Happened

Attorney Tim Jansen for star Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston said his client will be exonerated because three people were present when Winston allegedly raped a girl on December 7, 2012. They claim nothing illegal happened between Winston and the victim.

Speaking last night, Mr Jansen said: ‘I have two affidavits from witnesses who were there on the night and they both say nothing illegal took place. 

‘The facts are that there were four people present; three are saying nothing illegal happened and the other is the complainant.  

‘That testimony will be credible and will exonerate my client. I believe she (the alleged victim) has acknowledged other persons being there.’

He did not identify the witnesses, but one is believed to be a football player and another is a friend of the victim. DNA matched Winston, but he said the sex was consensual. State Attorney Willie Meggs does not know if he will press charges against Winston and told The Daily Mail nothing will be finalized until next week. Jansen met with the prosecutors yesterday to push forward.

He said: ‘We were hoping to get this done as soon as possible. I met with the prosecutor this morning and told him our desire to get this resolved and asked if we could assist him in any way to speed things up and he said there was nothing we could do to help expedite things. 

‘We expressed our concern for the delay… that it’s gonna harm (Winston) and the university. A quicker decision would be beneficial to all, including public citizens.’

He added: ‘We have been made aware of certain things on social media. I do not think we will have to use it as I believe Mr Meggs will make the right decision on this.

Threats against the victim’s sorority house has escalated and security guards are outside the house. The school did not confirm the threats, including a bomb threat, but a few took to Twitter to express their frustrations. Breitbart Sports will not reveal the sorority house or student. 

FSU stop harassing (unnamed sorority)!! They didn’t do anything. One girl doesn’t represent an entire sorority. And we STILL DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!’