Colts Owner Irsay Found With Prescription Drugs and $29,092 in Cash

Colts Owner Irsay Found With Prescription Drugs and $29,092 in Cash

Cops found tens of thousands in cash and scores of pills in Jim Irsay’s vehicle when they pulled him over for running a stop sign earlier this month.

The Indianapolis Star reported the findings in Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay’s arrest records. Police pulled him over and arrested him on March 16 after he came to a complete stop at W. Main Street.

The Carmel officer pulled him over and asked for his license.

When the officer asked to see Irsay’s driver’s license, the Colts owner opened a metal briefcase that was sitting on the passenger’s seat.

“As Irsay searched through the brief case for his driver’s license,” the officer reported, “I observed prescription bottles in the brief case next to his wallet.”

There were even more pills in the Toyota Highlander.

• Inside the vehicle was a metal briefcase containing a great deal of items. Among those items was a large amount of loose US currency. … In the briefcase were … pill bottles with various color and kinds of pills. Located on the floorboard of the passenger seat were two bags. Inside the bags were … pill bottles with an assortment of pills.

Here is the inventory, but they do not list the type of pills.

Records list 11 pieces of evidence under the notation of “drugs/prescription,” but it is not clear if that means 11 pills or 11 different types of pills.

But a news release after his arrest said they were Schedule IV prescription drugs.

Those types of drugs include Xanax, Darvocet, Valium, Ativan and Ambien.

The officer asked for a sergeant and another officer to help him. Officer Thomas told Sergeant Dunlap he found $29,029 in cash in the briefcase and a laundry bag in the Toyota Highlander.

The inventory turned up $14,516 in the briefcase, $2,513 in Irsay’s wallet and $12,000 in one of two “laundry” bags on the passenger’s side floorboard, according to police records.

The report did not state where Irsay was before he was arrested. According to the Star, he recently bought a house just a half-mile where he was arrested.

The officers said Irsay could barely stand up on his own, but agreed to a Breathalyzer test, but the results were redacted from the documents. But the officers believed substances other than alcohol affected him. He refused a blood test, which means his license could be suspended for a year.

An on-call prosecutor was then contacted and he obtained a warrant ordering Irsay to submit to the blood draw. A nurse at the jail took two vials of blood from Irsay at 2:40 a.m.

Following state law, the officers then took Irsay’s driver’s license for refusing to submit to the chemical test.

At the jail, Irsay declined to answer questions without his attorney present, reports said, so he was not interrogated.

This is not Irsay’s first incident with prescription drugs. He admitted abusing prescription drugs in 2002. He is now being treated at an out-of-state facility while his oldest daughter Carlie Irsay-Gordon is overseeing operations with the Colts.


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