Kentucky Basketball Fan Will Keep His Tattoo

Kentucky Basketball Fan Will Keep His Tattoo

Tyler Black has a great Kentucky Wildcats 2014 National Champions tattoo on his calf. But there is only one problem. Kentucky lost to Connecticut on Monday night, 60-54.

Black is going to keep the $80 tattoo.

“I’m keeping it,” Black said. “It’s a way to remember this team and it’s part of my life story.”

Black posted a picture of himself with a six-pack of Lone Star pounders following the defeat. He explained, “Might as well black out while in ol Dallas.”

Experts had high expectations for Kentucky before the season. But the team slipped out of the top 25 before the tournament and appeared as an afterthought before Selection Sunday. They beat Wichita State, Louisville, and Michigan–all appeared in 2013’s Final Four–on their way to Connecticut.

CBS interviewed Black last week and gave him tickets to the title game in Dallas. The tattoo and interview landed him plenty of followers on Twitter. But unfortunately that kind of fame can cause a backlash and people gave him a hard time before and after the championship game.

“It didn’t really bother me that much,” Black said. “I know people outside of Kentucky can’t stand us.”

(Photo via @TizzBlack)