Get the 'L' Out, It's 'Super Bowl 50'

Get the 'L' Out, It's 'Super Bowl 50'

Since 1971, the NFL has been using classy Roman Numerals on its Super Bowl logos. But the league is just going with “Super Bowl 50” instead of Super Bowl L, the Roman Numeral for 50, for the 2015 season’s final game. The reason? The letter “L” is not “pleasing” to look at, the league says.

The NFL’s vice president of brand and creative, Jaime Weston, says it’s sort of Roman holiday for the logo, a break for just one year.

Apparently the league feels that Roman Numerals work fine when it is a “V” or an “X” but they just don’t think people will understand what an “L” is.

Weston also says the league art department went through 73 different versions of the logo searching for that most “pleasing” look and all the while league bosses felt the “L” just didn’t work.

The “Super Bowl 50” logo will also be tinted gold, a color that has dual meaning. Naturally, gold is the traditional color for a 50th anniversary but the game is also being played in the Golden State in Santa Clara’s new Levi’s Stadium.

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