Aaron Hernandez Attorneys Blast Patriots' Silence; Judge Sets Trial Date

Aaron Hernandez Attorneys Blast Patriots' Silence; Judge Sets Trial Date

Defense attorneys for jailed former football star Aaron Hernandez are blasting the New England Patriots for their “silence” on his personnel records, a move they say hampers their defense.

It might seem unsurprising that the Patriots have been reticent to say much about Hernandez. Nearly a month had passed last year before coach Bill Belichick finally made a statement about the arrest of his player, and even then he said as little as possible. Stern silence is Belichick’s usual comment about most everything.

But Hernandez’s attorneys say that they need those records for their defense of the player who stands accused of three murders in two separate incidents. Attorney Michael Fee, promised to “try one more time to extrapolate a position” from the team. He hopes to get a positive review of Hernandez’s career with the team to present to the court.

Earlier this week Hernandez’ attorneys asked the judge to throw out murder charges in the death of Odin Lloyd, the first case Hernandez for which police arrested the former tight end.

The defense said that the state didn’t have enough evidence to bring charges, though prosecutors disagreed with that claim saying they had hundreds of pieces of evidence.

Defense attorneys admit that the case gave off a lot of “smoke,” but that the prosecution has little else but conjecture over whether or not Hernandez had participated in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

In the Odin Lloyd murder case, Bristol County Superior Court Justice E. Susan Garsh agreed to a tentative court date of October 6 after Hernandez’ defense team asked for a quick trial. She did not, however, rule on the request that the charges of murder be dismissed.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on July 7.

On June 16, Hernandez pleaded not guilty to a third set of charges, as well. Authorities charged the former player with assaulting another inmate as well as threatening the life of a prison guard.

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