MLB Teams Launch 121 New Bobblehead Promotions for 2015

Bill Taft Bobblehead
Dan Flynn

Major League Baseball is going big on bobblehead promotions this year, with fully 121 new bobbling figures coming in the 2015 baseball season.

In 2010 MLB featured 80 bobblehead promotions, only two thirds of the 121 planned for this year.

“Every year we think we might have exhausted the bobblehead craze here in Wisconsin, and it doesn’t happen,” Rick Schlesinger, chief operating officer of the Milwaukee Brewers told ESPN.

According to ESPN a bobblehead promotion puts 7,000 more fans in seats at Milwaukee’s Miller Stadium and other teams have found similar results.

So, the bobblehead craze will continue.

The Dodgers, for instance, have announced several bobblehead days for this year. Joining past bobblehead honorees will be players Clayton Kershaw, Adrian Gonzalez, Kenley Jansen, Juan Uribe, and Yasiel Puig.

The Kansas City Royals will feature a figure for third baseman Mike Moustakas making his iconic ALCS diving catch, among others. Their Moustakas day will be June 20, the team announced.

And speaking of Milwaukee, the Brewers will offer a talking bobblehead of Harry Doyle, the character played by Bob Uecker in the baseball comedy flick Major League.

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