Saudi Journalist: Palestinians Need to Stop Blaming Everyone and Make Peace with Israelis

TEL AVIV – A leading Arabic newspaper this week published a damning column by a Saudi journalist claiming that Palestinians have missed too many opportunities for peace with Israelis and have always pointed fingers – long before settlements existed, and further adding that it was time for Hamas to end its violence against Israel as well as to end their futile dream of a “Palestine from the river to the sea.”

Gaza Hamas leader Ismail Haniya releases a dove during a rally of Hamas supporters to comm

Twitter Closes Account of Hamas Spokesman

TEL AVIV – Twitter shut down a Hamas account on Friday that belonged to the spokesman for the terror organization’s military wing. The spokesman, Abu Obeida, opened a new Twitter account on Saturday, writing, “Twitter yielded to the pressure of the enemy, which

Twitter introduced a new head of operations on April 15, 2016 to boost advertising in what

Anti-Islamic State Soccer Satire Becomes Social Media Hit

JAFFA, Israel – Against Terror, a new satirical Arabic-language website lampooning the Islamic State, has become the talk of the day on Arab social networks. The site, which seems to be Iraq-themed, is run by anonymous bloggers. The website has

islamic soccer

Germany Prints Its Constitution In Arabic For Migrants To Learn

BERLIN, Sept 30 (Reuters) – Germany has translated the first 20 articles of the country’s constitution [the Grundgesetz pictured above], which outline basic rights like freedom of speech, into Arabic for refugees to help them integrate. Germany is struggling to

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