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Brown U. President Lays Out Plan to Reopen College Campuses

In a column published by the New York Times on Sunday, Brown University President Christina Paxson laid out a plan to reopen universities and colleges in the fall. Most universities and colleges around the United States were forced to shut down their campuses in March in response to the Chinese virus pandemic.

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Pamela Geller: Brown University Celebrates ‘Palestinians’ on ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’

Last week, Brown University’s Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs sent out greeting for “Indigenous Peoples’ Day Weekend,” which has replaced Fall Weekend — Columbus Day weekend — in the uber-politically correct academic environment. Brown’s action is part of the larger effort by the academic left to cast Columbus as a villain and focus on Native Americans as sainted martyrs.

Christopher Columbus statue (Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty)

Brown University Investigating ‘Violent’ Anti-Semitic, Homophobic Graffiti

TEL AVIV – Police are investigating anti-Semitic and anti-gay graffiti found on the wall of a Brown University fraternity complex on Friday. The graffiti targeted the Jewish Beta Rho Pi fraternity and the co-ed LGBTQ Zeta Delta Xi fraternity, both of which reside in the building. The messages were described by students as “violent” and “threatening,” according to Campus Reform.

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Watchdog: U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Killed Due to Contractors’ Poor Oversight

Poor oversight of government contractors in Afghanistan paved the way for insurgents to plant roadside bombs under highways and embankments that ultimately killed and wounded U.S. troops, according to a congressional watchdog tasked with rooting out fraud, waste, and abuse in American taxpayer-funded projects to rebuild the war-torn country.

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