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Jeanne Ives (Facebook)

‘Crain’s Chicago Business’ Warns Gov. Bruce Rauner Not to Underestimate Jeanne Ives Primary Challenge

Illinois incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner, until Monday, had determined to ignore the primary challenge he faces in state Rep. Jeanne Ives. But after Ives trounced Rauner in a de facto debate before the Chicago Tribune editorial board, many are saying Rauner better abandon his campaign strategy and begin engaging Ives before she sneaks up and knocks him out of office.

The Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Ill., shown Wednesday, June 21, 2006, measures 361 feet to the top of its familiar dome. The neck-bending skyscrapers that pack Chicago's fabled skyline are little more than scaled-down miniatures in downstate cities, where even the tallest buildings are at least three times shorter …

Bankrupt Illinois Slams Citizens with 32% Income Tax Hike, More to Come

As the state of Illinois edges near becoming the first U.S. state to ever be rated junk bond status, the Democrat-controlled legislature of the bankrupt state of Illinois has just voted to slam its citizens with a hefty 32 percent hike in state income taxes.