Pro-Life Black Group Commends Trump: ‘You Have Fully Demonstrated Your Commitment to Support Black Life’

Founders of Every Black Life Matters

The pro-life organization known as Every Black Life Matters (EBLM), a Christian alternative to Black Lives Matter, has sent a letter of commendation to President Donald Trump as he leaves office.

In a press release Tuesday, EBLM announced its open commendation letter, signed by the group’s co-founders, Kevin McGary, president; Neil Mammen, executive vice president; and more than 300 individuals, many of whom offered their personal thanks in separate messages.

“While there have been many Presidents of the U.S. who have asserted support for the Black community, you have fully demonstrated your commitment and resolve to support and improve Black life by standing firm on the right to life,” the letter reads, and continues:

While Progressives/Leftists/Democrats publicly decry “racism,” privately, they have remained silent and complicit while one of their primary funding sources (Planned Parenthood) admitted their notable history of racism (PP of NY July 2020). You, on the other hand, have consistently stood against Planned Parenthood’s racism and publicly acknowledged their tactics and schemes to “exterminate the negro population” (actual quote from PP Founder, Margret Sanger) as the equivalency to “Black genocide!” Your stand is righteous and correct!

EBLM especially thanked Trump for advancing the black community in many ways throughout his presidency:

We want you to know your stand and focus on improving Black life has not been in vain. Your Presidential record confirms that with your stand against abortion, policies for school choice, economic revitalization via “Opportunity Zones,” crafting of The Platinum Plan, permanent funding for HBCU’s, and with your criminal justice reforms, you have attempted to improve Black life in every phase of life (from the “womb to the tomb”). This is the exact definition for standing for Every Black Life Matters!

Progressives were alarmed that Trump dramatically increased his share of the male black vote, from about 13 percent in 2016 to 18 percent in November.

As Breitbart News reported, signs of a black “awakening” and a move away from the Democrat Party in the black community included the establishment of Black Voices for Trump; greater focus on jobs as Trump’s economy provided the lowest unemployment numbers on record for the black community; more open black condemnation of abortion; black Christians beciming marginalized by a Democrat Party that increasingly values secularist voters over those of faith; and black parents’ overwhelming support for Trump’s school choice agenda, one that has been condemned by President-elect Joe Biden.

EBLM’s website states its central principles are:

  • REAL Justice from Womb to Tomb
  • Nuclear Family
  • Active Fatherhood
  • Free Markets
  • Educational Choice
  • Non Violence

“We commend and thank you for several great years of providing credence, support, and exemplary leadership in standing for the notion that Every Black Life Matters!” EBLM concluded its letter. “We wholly commend you!”


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