Nolte: All Remains Sane and Calm Out Here in Rural America

The cities are not our problem — Democrat-run cities are not our America. Democrat-on-Democrat oppression and violence is not our problem. Those who choose to live in those cities and vote for Democrats are getting exactly what they voted for; they’re reaping the whirlwind, and that’s not worth even a moment of your peace of mind.

Farmer Dave Burrier plants corn in the Marvin Chapel field in Mount Airy, Maryland on May

Residents Within Seattle’s CHAZ at a Loss: ‘I’m Mainly Scared Because I Know Cops Won’t Come’

Residents living within the confines of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), otherwise known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Area (CHOP) — a six-block area within the city of Seattle established by self-described anarchists, Black Lives Matter activists, and Antifa members — are expressing concerns and fear over the implications the movement has had on their everyday lives, forcing some to flee the area.

A banner which reads "abolish the police" hangs from a building in an area being called th