Thousands of Protesters Surround Hong Kong Police Headquarters

Huge demonstrations continued in Hong Kong on Friday, with the focus of activity shifting from LegCo, the city’s legislative chambers, to police headquarters. The protesters are demanding a permanent and decisive end to the controversial extradition bill that was indefinitely suspended by chief executive Carrie Lam last weekend.

A group of police officers in riot gear (L) stand by at the police headquarters as protest

Hong Kong: Over a Million Protest Communist Chinese Extradition Law

A protest march on Sunday against Hong Kong’s controversial extradition bill drew hundreds of thousands of participants according to police, and over a million according to organizers, making it one of the largest public demonstrations since Hong Kong was returned to Chinese control in 1997.

Pro independence activist Wayne Chan during a clash after a rally against the extradition

Egyptian Court Acquits 17 for Violating Strict Protest Laws

Protesting is a dicey business in Egypt, which has been through three governing regimes in four years. The current regime passed a strict law to control street protests in 2013, but last January it was violated by a demonstration that was eventually dispersed by police, resulting in the death of protester Shaimaa Sabbagh.