China Admits Using Pandemic to Expand Police ‘Service Centers’ Abroad

In the course of attempting to spin the alarming discovery of Chinese police stations in foreign countries as merely “service centers” for Chinese living abroad, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Wednesday admitted the Communist tyranny used the coronavirus pandemic it unleashed as an opportunity to greatly expand its operations in other countries.

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Chinese Woman Facing 10 Years in Prison for Protesting Coronavirus Response

A 45-year-old woman named Zeng who lives in central China near Wuhan, center of the coronavirus pandemic, has been charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” – the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) all-purpose charge for silencing dissidents – after organizing two rallies against poor coronavirus management and overpriced food. She could face up to ten years in prison.

BEIJING, CHINA - JANUARY 26: Chinese police officers wearing masks stand in front of the T

Watch: Brave Chinese Woman Risks Her Life to Denounce ‘Evil’ Regime’s Handling of Coronavirus

An anonymous Chinese woman courageously posted a video message to her fellow citizens on Sunday in which she called for resistance to the Communist Party, accusing it of destroying countless lives by bungling its response to the Wuhan coronavirus and warning that even now, the Party is primarily interested in suppressing dissent and maintaining power than fighting the disease.


China Arrests Dissident for Sharing Hong Kong Video

Chinese democracy activists are demanding the release of Lai Rifu, a dissident living in Guangzhou who was snatched off the street on Monday in a bizarre arrest and incarcerated for “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” by posting a video that used the unofficial anthem of the Hong Kong protest movement, “Glory to Hong Kong.”

A pro-democracy demonstrator sings an anthem as others form a human chain on Victoria Peak

China Keeps Wives of Famous Dissidents Under House Arrest

Li Wenzu’s sixty-mile march to demand answers about the fate of her imprisoned husband Wang Quanzhang was cut short on Tuesday, as she was scooped up by plainclothes police and deposited back at her home under house arrest. Meanwhile, China once again postponed discussions to allow Liu Xia, wife of the late dissident and Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo, to emigrate to a free country. Liu Xia has effectively been under house arrest for eight years and counting.

FILE - In this Aug. 1, 2016 file photo, a man films Li Wenzu, left, wife of imprisoned law

GLAZOV: Remembering a Dissident: Yuri Glazov

One day, when I was nine years old, my father and I were on our way to Church. As we neared the entrance, I spat on the ground. Reflexively, my dad’s arm shot out across my chest like a railway barrier, blocking my motion forward.

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Five Cuban Dissidents to Watch in the Post-Fidel Era

Fidel Castro, the dictator who used firing squads, labor camps, beatings, torture, and hunger to oppress his people for more than half a century, died Friday night at the age of 90. His demise – though his brother, Raúl, remains in power – has led many to ask what the future holds for Cuba’s anti-communist dissident community.

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Obama’s Cuba Deal One Year Later: More Arrests, More Violence, Complete Failure

One year ago today, President Barack Obama announced a radical change in U.S. policy towards the rogue communist government of Cuba, insisting that funneling new money to the Castro regime would empower “democracy and human rights” n the island. Today, the failure of President Obama’s diplomacy is abundantly clear, as Cuba’s political detention rates skyrocket and thousands more risk their lives to reach the United States before the Castros are emboldened even more.

U.S. President Barack Obama Meets With President Raul Castro Of Cuba