Donor Class

Politico: Trump Freezes Establishment Mega-Donors in Place

Kenneth P. Vogel writes in Politico that members of the GOP’s donor class are “tightening their purse strings out of frustration with their inability to boost their favored candidates, or to slow Donald Trump.”


La Opinión: Marco Rubio Is a ‘Republican Obama’

Wednesday’s cover of La Opinión, the nation’s largest daily Spanish-language newspaper, prominently portrays donor-class favorite Sen. Marco Rubio with the infamous “hope and change” imagery that defined Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

La Opinión

New York Times: GOP Establishment Faces Harsh Reality – Warms to Cruz

Jonathan Martin writes in the New York Times that although the majority of Republican elites are opposed to Sen. Ted Cruz’s candidacy, Cruz “has quietly begun wooing some of the party’s most entrenched donors and officials” who are beginning to see the anti-establishment candidate as the party’s possible “standard-bearer.”

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump Calls on Other Candidates to Return Super PACs ‘Dark Money’

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is calling on fellow presidential candidates to return “dark money” sent to Super PACs. According to a Trump campaign press release, the billionaire sent notices earlier this week “disavowing nine unauthorized Super PAC’s claiming to support him in his bid for the Republican nomination for President of the United States and subsequently demanding the return of all funds raised.”