UK Set To Bar Aussies, Kiwis And Canadians In Favour Of MORE EU Workers

Australians fear new “discriminatory” UK working visa and migration policies will see thousands of workers forced home with little hope of return. At the same time Britain is welcoming record numbers of European Union (EU) arrivals who face no restrictions on starting a new

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EU President Tusk: Expect ‘Three Million More’ Syrians

The European Union (EU) has been warned to expect millions more migrants from Syria. EU Council President Donald Tusk says that “according to Turkish estimates, another three million potential refugees” could come just from Aleppo – Syria’s largest city – and surrounding

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U.N. Warning: Migrant Flow Into Europe Will Keep Growing

The United Nations warned on Friday it could see no easing of the flow of people into Europe, with 8,000 arrivals daily, and that problems now facing governments may turn out to be only “the tip of the iceberg”. Hungary, which lies

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French Police Bulldoze Calais, Fire Tear Gas At Migrants

Police in Calais have broken up a number of illegal camps, firing tear gas into the crowds. French authorities are unwilling to allow any illicit camps other than the ‘New Jungle’, which is currently home to around 3,000, but many

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Hungary Builds Second Fence, Predicts 35 MILLION Migrants Bound For Europe

An astonishing 35 million migrants are heading for Europe, according to Hungary’s minister for foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjártó. Speaking as the besieged country begins work on its second fence to stop migrants heading across its border he predicted the current

A migrant reacts after Hungarian riot police use water cannon to push back migrants (ARMEND NIMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

Tspiras Scolds Disunited Europe’s Handling Of Migrant Crisis

How Europe is dealing with its refugee influx is emblematic of a deeper crisis on a continent that has forgotten its core values, Alexis Tspiras, seeking a second term as Greek prime minister, said last night. Tspiras, whose country has

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Hungary Swamped By Migrants Thanks To Merkel’s Moral Vanity

Blame German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conspicuous display of moral vanity. Her decision to welcome unlimited numbers of Syrian migrants and assorted welfare seekers will today see Hungary swamped by a chaotic wave of up to 30,000 people as its hardline approach to border

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Angela Merkel’s Misguided Generosity Sinking Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel seems oblivious to the fact that what you reward you get more of. Witness the tens of thousands of welfare seekers cloaked as genuine migrants flooding Europe and now threatening the collapse of the borderless EU she has always proudly


Migrants Threaten To Jump Off Ferry, Demand To Go To Norway

As thousands of ‘asylum seekers’ enter Europe claiming to be fleeing mortal danger, a group prepared to put themselves in danger on Thursday, demanding they be taken to their preferred Nordic nation. The economic migrants threatened to jump off a ferry in

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A Third Of Migrants To Italy Refusing Identification Measures

More than 40,000 migrants who arrived in Italy this year have refused to be identified. Italian police say many choose to remain unknown hoping to move on to other EU member states. Of the 122,000 migrants who have arrived in Italy so


Hungary Prepares Military Deployment to Counter Migrants

BUDAPEST, Hungary (Sept. 7) – Hungary is preparing legislation that will enable it to deploy its army and para-military police on the country’s southern border with Serbia. Prime Minister Viktor Orban made the announcement today as he detailed a package

Hungary's para-military police are stationed at Budapest's main railway terminal and may soon be moved to the Serbia border.