The Nuclear Option: With Another Snow Storm Nearly Upon Us, Let’s Reflect — on Evolution

It is such a high, blessed relief to finally get to the bottom of the most pressing issue here in this age of $17 trillion U.S. debt, barbaric animals burning humans alive in cages, the systematic rounding up, rape and mutilation of young girls around the world and all these inconvenient blizzards and bone-chilling winds blowing giant holes in our faith in the newly founded Church of Global Warming.


Maher Bashes Walker on Evolution, But Concerned About Long-Term Vax Effects

Bill Maher criticized Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s (R) statement on evolution and expressed concern about the long-term effects of vaccinations on Friday’s “Real Time” on HBO. Regarding Walker’s statement that science and faith “go hand-in-hand,” Maher stated, “No, they absolutely