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CDC: Child Influenza Death Toll Rises to 13

Thirteen children have died from the influenza virus this flu season, according to the latest statistics released from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

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Texas Flu Season Death Toll Surpasses 4,150

The latest report released by Texas public health officials shows the state’s flu-related death toll surpassed 4,150 since the onset of this year’s influenza season.

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Winter Vomiting Virus Explodes in California

California health officials announced this week that the state is seeing a excessive uptick in the number of “winter vomiting disease” or norovirus cases from prior years.

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Super Bowl Cities See Spike in Deaths of Elderly Flu Patients

The 2014-15 flu season has been a particularly dangerous one across the country, especially for vulnerable elderly patients. Researchers have also found that cities that have either hosted or sent teams to the Super Bowl have experienced an 18 percent higher death rate of elderly flu patients than other cities.

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Harsh Respiratory Virus Slamming Colorado

Colorado is being hit with a rise in cases of upper respiratory illness this year, and doctors are warning that without treatment, patients could suffer for weeks once they’ve contracted the virus. Dr. John Torres, Medical contributor for KUSA in

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A Flu Epidemic of Unknown Origin

The Centers for Disease Control declared a flu epidemic this week, as the death toll from “influenza-like” complications rose to 15 children. The flu season began early—part of a troubling pattern stretching back across several years—and the current strain seems resistant to commonly available vaccines.

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US Slammed With ‘Severe’ Flu This Year

The country, especially the Midwest, is being socked with a flu strain that the Centers for Disease Control has rated as “severe” because of the higher-than-average number of cases being reported.