George Floyd Riots

5 Ways Wikipedia Editors Support and Protect Antifa

Some of the most extreme political bias on Wikipedia involves editors who support the violent left-wing group Antifa and protect the group’s image on the site. This has included downplaying Antifa’s far-left views and violence, even censoring major incidents and involvement in recent rioting. Many Antifa supporters, including self-identified anarchists and socialists, have taken to smearing the group’s opponents to defend violence against those opponents and portray their concerns as paranoia.

BERLIN, GERMANY - MAY 01: A demonstrator waves a antifascist flag during the 'Revolutionar

$8K Reward Offered for Man Who Allegedly Slashed Florida Cop’s Neck

Police in Jacksonville, Florida, offered a reward of $8,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of a man who allegedly slashed the neck of a police officer during a protest on May 30. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office officials say the man pictured in their poster struck one of their officers repeatedly in the back of the head and then cut his neck with an as yet unidentified object. The injury required treatment at a local hospital.

$8,000 Reward offered for information leading to the arrest of man who allegedly sliced th