Glenn Beck Sours on Cruz: I Should Have Backed Rubio

In a long and often rambling discussion following a contentious interview on Monday with Senator Ted Cruz, radio host Glenn Beck criticized the Texas Senator’s justifications for finally endorsing Republican nominee Donald Trump. The radio talker even declared at one point that he should have backed Senator Marco Rubio for president, instead of throwing his full support to Cruz in the GOP primary.


Former Blaze Exec Sues Glenn Beck; Claims Beck’s ‘Paranoia,’ ‘Erratic and Reckless Behavior’ Destroyed Company

Lloyd Grove writes at the Daily Beast about the latest legal trouble to hit The Blaze founder Glenn Beck — this time in the form of a countersuit by one of Beck’s most loyal and trusted advisors. Christopher Balfe, who was the chief operating officer of Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts and the chief executive of The Blaze before Beck unceremoniously fired him and then sued him, alleges in a new counter lawsuit that Beck’s “erratic behavior, excessive spending, and mismanagement” drove his media empire “into the ground.”


Politico: Glenn Beck’s ‘Bad Bet on Cruz’ a Crushing Blow to His Media Empire

Kenneth Vogel and Hadas Gold write in Politico about the latest trouble to strike Glenn Beck’s media empire, as Beck and one of his advertisers sue each other over unpaid bills and claims that the radio talker’s endorsement of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and increasingly shrill denunciations of Donald Trump alienated his audience. Politico notes that Beck’s diminished relevance is juxtaposed by the rising influence of Breitbart News, which — along with Matt Drudge, Sarah Palin, and Sean Hannity — Beck has repeatedly attacked during this election cycle.


Glenn Beck’s NYT Op-Ed Likens Black Lives Matter to the Tea Party

In an op-ed for the New York Times titled “Empathy for Black Lives Matter,” The Blaze founder Glenn Beck compares the Black Lives Matter movement to the Tea Party and describes Black Lives Matter “believers” as “decent, hardworking, patriotic Americans” who “feel disenfranchised and aggrieved.” This op-ed comes on the heels of more bad news for Beck’s terminally cash-strapped conservative media empire.


Beck: Trump Is Creating a Conservative Version of Black Lives Matter

Monday on his nationally syndicated talk show, Glenn Beck accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of creating a conservative version of Black Lives Matter. Beck said, “He’s making a new group of Black Lives Matter. He’s making a new group of people that


Glenn Beck Pandered to Black Lives Matter Just Prior to Milwaukee Riot

In an ill-timed interview with National Public Radio, leading NeverTrump pundit Glenn Beck told the NPR host that he can “relate to” Black Lives Matter organizers and that he has changed his position on the group’s slogan. Using a strange analogy about pie, Beck lectured people on the right that they “aren’t really listening” to Black Lives Matter in a segment that aired just before black rioters in Milwaukee targeted white people, attacking police and setting fires.

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Glenn Beck: Ailes ‘Has Become Bill Cosby’

Radio talker and former Fox News host Glenn Beck wrote a blistering indictment of Fox CEO Roger Ailes, comparing his former boss to accused sex offender Bill Cosby and praising Fox host Megyn Kelly for being the one to “slay the dragon in the end.”