Hebbronville Station

Sex Offenders, Gang Members Arrested After Crossing Texas Border

Border Patrol agents and CBP officers in South Texas arrested multiple deported sex offenders, a fugitive accused of rape, and two MS-13 gang members. The arrests come as agents in Texas-based border sectors face a massing surge in migrants illegally entering the United States.

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrest illegal aliens attempting to enter the United States after crossing the Rio Grande River in McAllen, Texas on November 15, 2018. Photo by Ozzy Trevino

Migrants Found in Grain Hopper Rail Cars near Border in Texas

Border Patrol agents in the Laredo and Del Rio Sectors found more than 40 migrants being smuggled inside grain hoppers and other rail cars near the Texas-Mexico border. The practice of smuggling migrants inside these sealed containers places the migrants in life-threatening conditions.

Hebbronville Station Border Patrol agents find 15 migrants locked inside a grain hopper rail car. (Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector)

19 Migrants Apprehended on Train in Texas near Border

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a group of migrants as they attempted to make their way into the U.S. interior by hiding in a grain hopper train car. The agents arrested 13 from the hopper and six more hiding elsewhere on the train.

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents find 13 migrants locked in a grain hopper rail car. (Photo; U.S. Border Patrol/Laredo Sector)