Hurricane Matthew

1898 Last Time Category 4 Hurricane Hit Northeast Florida

Hurricane Matthew, a Category 4 hurricane, is now moving away from the Bahamas and is just a few hours away from beginning a potentially catastrophic, rare Category 4 siege on Florida’s east coast, with dangerous storm surge, destructive winds and flooding rainfall stretching into Georgia and South Carolina by the weekend.


Hurricane Matthew: Insurance Losses More than All of 2015

Insurance executives are calling Hurricane Matthew the “Godzilla” of all storms, with $15 billion of estimated losses — the same amount as all United States natural disaster insurance claims paid during 2015.


Weather Channel Issues Severe Hurricane Warning, ‘This Is Not Hyperbole’

Thursday The Weather Channel aired a strongly-worded warning urging the public to take it seriously and evacuate if they live in the areas under evacuation orders for Hurricane Matthew. Meteorologist and hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross said, ‘I’m senior hurricane specialist,


Hurricane Matthew: Obama Declares State of Emergency in Florida

Leaving more than 100 dead in its wake across the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew steamed toward heavily populated Florida with terrifying winds of 140 mph Thursday, and 2 million people across the Southeast were warned to flee inland.

Locals scramble to fill sandbags with the last of a supply at the Road and Bridge Department in Kissimmee, Florida in preparation for the landfall of Hurricane Matthew, on October 6, 2016. Some three million people on the US southeast coast faced an urgent evacuation order Thursday as monstrous Hurricane …

Hurricane Matthew Could Leave Up to 7 Million Without Power

Hurricane Matthew could leave up to seven million people located between Miami and the Carolinas without power, according to the latest power outage forecasts from researchers at the University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Texas A&M University.

Hurricane Matthew (Ramon Espinosa / Associated Press)

Hurricane Matthew to Spread Zika ‘Danger Zone’ up East Coast

When Hurricane Matthew strikes Florida, it is expected to boost the volume of Zika-infected mosquitos in the U.S., wipe out the effectiveness of anti-Zika pesticide spraying, and potentially spread the so-called Zika “danger zone” up the East Coast.

Hurricane Matthew (Ramon Espinosa / Associated Press)