Josep Borrell

G20 Nations Parrot ‘Two-State Solution’ Demand both Israel and Hamas Reject

Participants at an ongoing meeting of the top diplomats of G20 states achieved “virtual unanimity” on demanding the establishment of a state of “Palestine” carved out of Israel, host country Brazil declared on Thursday – in apparent disregard of the fact that both Israel and the government of Gaza, the terrorist organization Hamas, reject that proposal.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 2024/02/03: A protester holds a placard in support of the Two-Sta

Israel PM Yair Lapid: Iran Nuke Deal Crosses Biden’s Own Red Lines

Israel Prime Minister Yair Lapid slammed the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, saying it didn’t even meet President Joe Biden’s own red lines and won’t prevent Iran from going nuclear. The Israeli premier also said lifting sanctions will provide Iran with “hundred billion dollars a year” to spread terror.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid sai din a letter to UN Secretar-General Antonio Guterres

EU Fails to Broker Agreement Between Serbia and Kosovo

BRUSSELS (AP) – The leaders of Serbia and Kosovo failed Thursday to reach an agreement on longstanding border and mutual recognition issues that have spiked tensions in the Balkans and added to Europe’s instability during the war in Ukraine, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said.