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Watch: SNL Revives ‘Morning Joe’ Parody for Season Finale

Saturday’s season finale of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” parodied MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” with Joe Scarborough, played by Alex Moffat, and Mika Brzezinski, played by Kate McKinnon. The skit highlighted the show’s ongoing anti-Trump views and hinted at the Scarborough-Brzezinski romance. Follow


SNL Breaks Silence on Harvey Weinstein Scandal

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” finally broached the topic of Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment allegations during its Saturday broadcast. Last week’s broadcast of the long-running weekend night program avoided the topic altogether and was criticized for doing so. Twice


Watch: Humorless SNL Cold Open Features ‘Hillary’ Singing ‘Hallelujah’

In the first “Saturday Night Live” since Donald Trump was elected as President Barack Obama’s successor, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton covered recently deceased Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” “Hillary” concluded the cold open by saying, “I’m not giving up, and neither should

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Watch: SNL’s Portrayal of Kellyanne Conway’s Day Off

During this week’s “Saturday Night Live,” Kate McKinnon portrayed what an off day looks like for Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. “Conway” was continuously interrupted while enjoying her personal time in order to defend Trump’s newest headline to Beck Bennett

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Watch: Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon Re-Create First Trump-Hillary Debate

During the premiere of “Saturday Night Live’s” 42nd season, Alec Baldwin re-created the first Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debate along with Kate McKinnon. As Hillary Clinton, McKinnon entered the debate stage with a coughing fit. Baldwin as Trump mimicked the way


‘SNL’ Mocks Hillary in New Message to Supporters After Recent Losses

In this week’s “Saturday Night Live” on NBC, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton delivered a message to her supporters after a string of primary losses to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). McKinnon’s Hillary said the recent losses “humanizes” her, making her