Louisiana State Police

Louisiana Officer Fatally Shoots Attempted Cop Killer

LIVINGSTON PARISH, Louisiana – An armed man who was wanted for attempted first degree murder of a Louisiana police officer was found hiding in a barn and was fatally shot during an altercation.

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BLM in New Orleans Demands $5M Annually for Black Artists

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – Following a march through New Orleans’ busiest street, the Black Lives Matter-aligned group ‘Take ‘Em Down Nola’ announced their list of “demands” from the City, saying they need $5 million annually to pay for education and salaries of African-American artists and historians.


Black Lives Matter Storms New Orleans’ Monuments

A Black Lives Matter-aligned organization called ‘Take ‘Em Down Nola’ stormed New Orleans’ Andrew Jackson monument demanding all monuments related to the Civil War come down across the city. The monument which sits at the heart of the city’s historic French Quarter.


2 Illegal Immigrants Arrested Running Brothel in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana – After a year-long investigation into an unlicensed bar and sex brothel in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana State Police have arrested two illegal immigrants who were running the businesses.


Son of Pastor with U.S.-Based Mexico Ministry Caught in Plane Full of Cocaine — in U.S.A.

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — As American pastor who moved to Mexico to build churches in the violence-filled state of Tamaulipas has become the topic of much controversy after Louisiana State Troopers arrested his son with an airplane filled with cocaine. The 29-year-old John Crow, who lives in this border city, is charged with drug possession as well as having drug proceeds.