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Mayor of London to Cab Driver: F*** Off and Die

London mayor Boris Johnson has been filmed telling a taxi driver to “f*** off and die” in a late night argument on a London street.Johnson was cycling down the street when the passing driver shouted at home, accusing him of

London Mayor Boris Johnson talks to a bl

FLASH: Tory MP Zac Goldsmith Announces Mayoral Bid

Conservative Party MP for Richmond Zac Goldsmith has announced he will run for London Mayor next year. Speaking to the Evening Standard, the son of eurosceptic royalty James Goldsmith said that he will consulted his parliamentary constituents before running. It

Zac Goldsmith

Galloway Would Use Mayoral Post to Rally For Palestine

The controversial left-winger George Galloway yesterday said he is running for Mayor of London for two reasons – first to rally support for Palestine and secondly to speak for the majority of ordinary Londoners that are not “dripping in gold.”The

George Galloway in Bradford West