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First-Year Harvard Medical Students Return to Campus in Spring

Harvard University announced on Friday that first-year medical students will be required to return to campus this spring. Harvard Medical School Dean George Q. Daley said that students must return to campus so that they can work in “patient-oriented” clinical settings.

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Columbia Medical School Cancels Its Own Founder

Columbia University recently announced that its medical school will change the name of a residential building due to the namesake’s slave ownership. The building was named for Samual Bard, the founder of Columbia’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons who also served as George Washingon’s doctor. The move comes shortly after the school eliminated a professorship also named in Bard’s honor.

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Stanford U. Cuts MCAT Requirement for Med School Applicants

Stanford University’s School of Medicine announced this week that it is temporarily suspending the MCAT requirement for new applicants. The MCAT is a comprehensive standardized test that provides insight into an applicant’s ability to succeed in medical school. The Stanford College Republicans criticized the decision, arguing: “It’d be a shame if unqualified applicants come to Stanford as a result of this policy and we suffer the consequences in the coming decades.”

NYU to Offer Free Tuition for All Medical School Students