MP Warns Parts of Milan, Italy Are ‘Out of Control’ After Mass Stabbing by Migrant

Criminal with knife weapon threatening woman and child in underpass crime
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Alessandro Cattaneo, a member of the Italian parliament for the centre-right Forza Italia, has warned parts of Milan are “out of control” following a mass stabbing by a Moroccan migrant.

Cattaneo, who leads Forza Italia in the Chamber of Deputies, stated that the area around the central railway station, where a Moroccan stabbed six people with a box cutter on Monday, has become lawless.

“The areas around the Central Station are out of control. Just as the map of the critical areas of Milan has expanded. I am thinking of Quarto Oggiaro, via Padova, Giambellino and Corso Como,” he told the newspaper Il Giornale.

When asked how mass migration was linked to the rise in crime in Milan, Cattaneo said there ” is an ideological vice that has always led the left to deny the repercussions of an unlimited welcome.”

“I don’t know today anyone imagines being able to return to the model made from 2012 onwards, when almost 200,000 migrants were disembarked every year and then abandoned to themselves, in the streets of our cities, leaving them to fall victim to criminal organizations.,” he added.

“We are not at all nostalgic for that model. Indeed, i t is not possible to create integration without rules.”


A report released last year revealed that as many as 60 per cent of the arrests in Milan in 2021 were of foreign nationals, with the high fashion mecca also being the top area in Italy for thefts per 100,000 inhabitants — and seventh for reports of sexual violence.

The comments from Mr Cattaneo come in the wake of a mass stabbing by 23-year-old Abrahman Rhasi on Monday afternoon, which saw the Moroccan rob five people and stab six, injuring two severely.

While Milan’s mayor Giuseppe ‘Beppe’ Sala is a leftist member of the Green Party, the new regional government in Lombardy, where Milan is located, consists of a centre-right coalition following regional elections this February.

According to Mr Cattaneo, the new government will be working to tackle the issue of delinquency and crime in Milan, including drug dealing and illegal occupations of buildings.

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