Factional Warfare in Libya Leaves 115 Dead, 383 Wounded

A month of fighting between two of the many heavily-armed gangs fighting for control of Libya killed at least 115 people and wounded 383 more, according to a statement from the Libyan Health Ministry on Sunday. Thousands of families have been displaced, children are at risk, and the conflict threatens to spiral even further out of control.

UN calls on Libya to crack down on militias

Gorka Allies Push Back Against Deceptively Edited ‘Anti-Semitic’ Hit Piece

The left-wing Forward magazine’s latest attempt to smear Dr. Sebastian Gorka — Deputy Assistant to the president and former national security editor for Breitbart News — is encountering stiff resistance from critics who say they mistranslated and deceptively edited a 2007 interview in Hungary to make Gorka look like a supporter of anti-Semitic militia groups.

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Libyan Forces Enter Sirte to Battle Islamic State

After many months of concern that the military forces of Libya’s divided government would never be able to work effectively against the Islamic State, there is encouraging news that a major Libyan offensive against the ISIS stronghold of Sirte is underway.

Ahmed al-Mesmari, a spokesman of Libya's opposition armed forces which are made up of militias and some units of the national army based in the east of the country, addresses the media on June 8, 2016 in the coastal city of Benghazi. Libya's unity government said its forces captured two …

15,000-Strong Hindu Militia Train Children to Fight Islamic State

The Times of India reports on a group known as Hindu Swabhiman, a militia that claims it has 15,000 fighters ready to take on the Islamic State. The group says it fears ISIS will occupy Indian territory by 2020 if it does not fight now.

The Times of India/Yogesh Kumar

Iraqis ‘Widely Believe’ U.S. Supporting Islamic State

Within hours of the Obama Administration announcing the deployment of a few hundred special-forces troops to Iraq for missions against ISIS, Iran-backed Shiite militias declared they would stop fighting the Islamic State and begin targeting the American troops.

ISIS claims territory, Russians Strike AP

Christian Militias Continue Struggle Against ISIS in Iraq

Small Christian militias continue to fight for Iraq–men determined to stop the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) from destroying their homeland and heritage. The Assyrian fighters are one of many groups profiled in the past year who are willing to stand up to the radical Islamic group.


Arizona Militia Members Charged with Stealing Cartel Cocaine and Cash

Three members of an Arizona militia have been indicted for allegedly stealing cocaine and cash from drug smugglers. Border bandits and rip crews are nothing new along Arizona’s border with Mexico. These are individuals akin to pirates—drug traffickers who steal loads from other smugglers on the US side of the border so they don’t have to run the risk of physically transporting the drugs from Mexico. Conflicts often arise during these rip-offs (Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered by a rip crew in December 2010), but rarely do the identities of bandits shock US law enforcement.

Arizona Militia

British Grandfather Joins Front Line Against Islamic State

A grandfather from Tyne and Wear with no military experience has flown to Iraq and joined a front line unit fighting Islamic State. He said he was inspired to go as an example to his two grandsons, and because no

Islamic state

Assyrian Christians Demand Turkey Stop Bombing YPG

An Assyrian Christian militia group has asked NATO to stop Turkey from attacking Syria, since the military is shelling the Kurdish militia People’s Protection Unit (YPG). The YPG, and its female counterpart the YPJ, are seen by many in the region as the last line of defense from the Islamic State.


Iran-Backed Shiite Militias Move to Combat ISIS in Ramadi

After American-armed troops from the American-supported Iraqi central government were routed from the city of Ramadi by an inferior ISIS force, the head-choppers embarked on what the Kurdish Rudaw news service describes as a “bloody purge.”

The Associated Press

51-Year-Old Actor Michael Enright Joins Kurdish Militia to Fight ISIS

Michael Enright is one of the several hundred Westerners who have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join Kurdish combat units and fight the Islamic State. He’s an unusual volunteer in several respects: he’s 51 years old, the first time he handled a gun was at a shooting range right before he left for Syria, and he is almost certainly the only YPG fighter who has appeared in movies with Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp.


Australian Pol Arrested For Fighting Against ISIS, Could Face Life Imprisonment

The Assyrian International News Agency reports on the arrest of the latest Westerner to come home after volunteering for combat duty in Iraq and Syria. The twist in this case is that Matthew Gardiner was a politician of some prominence in Australia — he was the head of the Northern Territory Labor Party before departing for Syria — and he is in trouble for fighting against ISIS, as part of the Kurdish militia.

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Texas Border Militia Member Pleads Guilty To Federal Weapons Charge

MCALLEN, Texas — In a surprise move, a member of the Texas border militia group Rusty’s Rangers pleaded guilty to a weapons charge of being a felon in possession of a weapon. The surprise plea came just one day after John Foerster went before U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen held a competency hearing to determine if the so-called militia member was competent enough to understand the charges and face trial, court records obtained by Breitbart Texas revealed.

John Frederick Foerester - Texas TDCJ Mugshot

Westerners Journey to Iraq and Join Christian Militia to Fight ISIS

When one hears a story of Western civilians heading to the Middle East to volunteer for combat duty, one thinks of the hideously successful ISIS recruiting drive. However, as Reuters reports, “a handful of idealistic Westerners are enlisting” with a Christian militia group called Dwekh Nawsha, “citing frustration their governments are not doing more to combat the ultra-radical Islamists or prevent the suffering of innocents.”

AP Photo/Vivian Salama