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Naomi Klein Barks, The Caravan Moves On…

Canadian activist Naomi Klein has given an interview – yet another one – to promote her latest turgid eco-project. Purely by accident, she and her activist husband Avi Lewis are captured talking a lot of sense. Here’s how. 1. This

Naomi Klein

Vatican Invites Anti-Capitalist Eco-Activist to Address Environmental Conference

Naomi Klein, a Canadian environmental crusader who describes herself as a “secular Jewish Feminist,” addressed Vatican officials Wednesday, bashing “economic experts” who place “outsized value on protecting corporate profits and economic growth” rather than the poor, who she said will

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On Russell Brand and the ‘world’s top thinkers’ …

We were a little taken aback this week to see that Russell Brand came 4th in Prospect Magazine’s list of top world thinkers. The revelation took some getting over, and quite a bit of anaesthetic, so today’s missive is several

Russell Brand praying