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Pakistan Prepares Elections Following Violent Campaign Season

Pakistan prepares to open polls for this year’s regional and legislative elections Wednesday, ending a campaign season fraught with incendiary language, terrorist attacks, and flooded with hundreds of candidates openly embracing Islamist groups.

Military fans out across Pakistan ahead of election

Pakistan’s Lawmakers to Replace Prime Minister, Opposition Denounces ‘Monarchy’

Pakistan’s parliament is set to elect a new prime minister on Tuesday, replacing fallen PM Nawaz Sharif after he was ruled ineligible for public office by the country’s highest court. Opposition leaders complain the parliamentary “election” is a sham in which the ruling party will appoint a placeholder until they can install Sharif’s brother Shahbaz as the new prime minister.

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Pakistan PM to Travel to Saudi Arabia, Iran to Alleviate Growing Tensions

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to travel to Saudi Arabia and Iran Monday, in an effort to alleviate inflamed tensions between the two regional rivals after the Sunni kingdom’s execution of a prominent Shiite cleric sparked a divide across the Muslim world, pitting Sunnis against Shiites.

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World View: India Threatens Retaliation for Pathankot Attack

Contents: Terror attack on India’s Pathankot air base exposes weak defenses; India threatens retaliation for the Pathankot attack; Pathankot air base incident revives memories of the ’26/11′ Mumbai attack in 2008

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