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Africa’s Largest Oil Producer Nigeria Crushed by Fuel Shortages

Airlines in Nigeria warned this week that they were days away from running out of jet fuel, and business groups demanded the government act to stabilize petroleum product availability nationwide, Nigeria’s Vanguard reported on Wednesday, as Africa’s largest oil producer struggles to refine any of its supply.

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What’s Up with Prices at the Pump?

After initially driving down the price of oil by increasing its production, which gave Americans a welcome drop in prices at the pump, could Saudi Arabia now be pushing them back up?


West Coast Dock Strike Settles–Just in Time for Oil Refinery Strike

With the West Coast ports labor dispute involving 13,600 unionized dockworkers inflicting pain on 318 million Americans by causing billions of dollars a day in losses to the U.S. economy settling yesterday, now 30,000 unionized refinery workers across America intend to play the same leverage game by cutting off two-thirds of all U.S. diesel and gasoline supplies.

California Oil Refinery (Paul Sakuma : Associated Press)