Orlando Florida nightclub shooting

FBI Unsure if Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen Was Fueled By Steroids

Following the Obama administration’s attempt to remove from a 9-1-1 call transcript Orlando terrorist shooter Omar Mateen’s pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State, U.S. law enforcement officials are now investigating the role that Mateen’s reported use of steroids may have played in the massacre.

The Orlando gunman was identified as Omar Mateen

President Obama, Attack Terrorists, Not Strawmen

In the direct aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks – out of the simmering ashes of the Twin Towers and the smoldering remains of so many of our loved ones – America was momentarily united. Conservatives and liberals, Red America and Blue America … none of it mattered. We were one nation, united in common purpose, mourning and grieving together.

President Barack Obama pauses while speaking at the Treasury Department in Washington, Tuesday, June 14, 2016, following a meeting with his National Security Council to get updates on the investigation into the attack in Orlando, Florida and review efforts to degrade and destroy ISIL. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)