Paul Joseph Watson

Donald Trump Jr: ‘How Long Before Tech Companies Silence You?’

In a recent Twitter post, Donald Trump Jr. claimed that Facebook is “taking their censorship campaign to the next level” following the banning of a number of prominent conservative users after they were branded “dangerous” by the company. He added, “Ask yourself, how long before they come to purge you?”

CONROE, TX - OCTOBER 03: Donald Trump Jr speaks at a Ted Cruz Rally at the Lone Star Convention Center on October 3, 2018 in Conroe, Texas.

Conservatives React to Facebook Blacklisting of Paul Joseph Watson, Others

Conservatives took to social media to defend several prominent personalities who were labeled “dangerous” and permanently banned on Facebook and Instagram. The recent blacklisting signified what many conservatives described as an advancing normality of censorship perpetrated by Silicon Valley overlords.

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Bokhari: Link-banning Is Facebook’s Terrifying New Censorship Tool

The banning of multiple political commentators from Facebook and Instagram, including conservatives Paul Joseph Watson and Laura Loomer, is an outrage against the ideals of an open Internet on its own. But beyond the bans on individuals, Facebook has deployed an even more terrifying tool of censorship — link-banning.

Silicon Valley wunderkind Zuckerberg in eye of the storm

Operation #TrumpCup: ‘This is a Statement, Not a Protest’

Tim Treadstone, better known by his stage name “Baked Alaska,” is trying to correct what he refers to as the “hoaxing media’s” misleading attempt to spin his “Operation Trump Cup” movement as a protest against Starbucks.

TrumpCup (BakedAlaska / Twitter)