AP Report: Islamic State Used ‘Islam for Dummies’ to Train Recruits

The Associated Press published a report on Monday, compiled from court testimony and interviews with former ISIS fighters, that painted a dim picture of the Islamic State’s recruits. The early waves, in particular, were so clueless that some of them had to order Islam for Dummies from Amazon.com to brush up on the religion.

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Terrorists Rejected San Bernardino Jihadis as ‘Informants’

An interesting bit of information from the ongoing investigation into the backgrounds of San Bernardino jihadis Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik comes from Reuters, which was told by U.S. government sources that Malik “tried in vain to contact multiple Islamic militant groups in the months before she and Farook staged their attack, but her overtures were ignored” because the terrorists were concerned she might be a government informant.

The Associated Press

San Bernardino Jihadis Planned and Practiced Attack For a Year

Over the last few days, there has been mounting evidence of long-term pre-meditation by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the jihadi couple responsible for a massacre at a Christmas party in San Bernardino last week. New indications have surfaced that the supposedly innocuous Farook had radical leanings for quite some time.

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15-Year-Old Terrorist Guns Down Civilian Police Employee in Australia

On Friday evening, a 15-year-old jihadi gunned down a civilian police employee as he was walking out of a suburban Sydney police station. Australian Islamist groups have refused to condemn the killing, which the authorities described as politically motivated terrorism, while playing coy as to the killer’s exact motivations.


Chattanooga Killer Wrote About Islamist ‘Martyrdom’ in Diary

The discovery of Chattanooga killer Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez’s diary has given investigators a better look at his past history, and his state of mind at the time he launched his attack on military recruiting and training centers. Blog posts and a text message he wrote shortly before the attack have also provided important clues.

Hamilton County Sheriffs Office via AP

French Prime Minister: 10,000 Europeans Could Be Waging Jihad By End of Year

The Islamic State’s recruiting efforts have long been a source of grave concern to Western governments, but the situation in Europe is growing steadily worse according to French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who warned on Sunday that up to ten thousand Europeans could be fighting the jihad in Iraq and Syria by the end of the year.

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