DACA Amnesty Deal Explodes Twitter

The Democrats’ declaration of a DACA amnesty victory sparked a roar on Twitter as amnesty advocates cheered and pro-American reformers jumped with alarm.


Donald Trump: ‘Young Americans Have Dreams Too’

Congress now has the opportunity to balance much-touted protections for younger illegals with its duty to help raise Americans’ wages and opportunities, President Donald Trump said today in a statement announcing the end of former President Barack Obama’s quasi-amnesty for younger illegals.


Reformers Slam Amnesty Deal Floated by Donald Trump’s Aides

Immigration reformers are promising to block a proposed amnesty bargain by President Donald Trump’s pro-immigration globalist aides and their counterparts on both sides of Capitol Hill. The putative deal would grant an amnesty to the 800,000 beneficiaries of President Barack


Polish Conservatives Take on the Supreme Court

WARSAW (AFP) – Poland’s governing conservatives on Thursday questioned the legitimacy of Supreme Court chief justice Malgorzata Gersdorf, who had been critical of judicial measures introduced by the Law and Justice (PiS) party.


Trump Releases 10 Step Plan to Reform the VA

Speaking from Virginia Beach, Virginia on Monday afternoon, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump released a ten point plan to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Trump with Vets Richard DrewAP

Libertarian Ron Unz Pushes Reform Party Into Harvard Elections

Ron Unz, Silicon Valley’s libertarian billionaire businessman, wants to abolish tuition at Harvard, and so he’s created a five-member slate of non-partisan reform candidates for Harvard’s upcoming governance elections.