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Australia Slashes Renewables Target By 20 Per Cent

The Australian government has slashed its renewable energy generating targets by nearly 20 per cent in keeping with election campaign promises made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In the culmination of protracted negotiations over the last few months, the Australian

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Cruz Applauded for Rejecting Ethanol Subsidies at Iowa Ag Summit

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) attended the Iowa Ag Summit over the weekend, along with several other prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidates, and was alone among attendees in his outright rejection of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the ethanol subsidies that have a significant impact on Iowa’s agricultural economy. Despite the risk of opposing the RFS at an event sponsored by the agriculture industry in a critical early primary state, Cruz was unequivocal in voicing his opposition to the RFS and the crowd applauded his comments.

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California’s High Cost of ‘Sustainable Power’ Kills Jobs

California’s commercial and industrial energy costs are about 37% higher than the national average in the continental United States due to Governor Brown’s 33% sustainable energy mandate. And with rates 41% to 46% higher in San Diego County than the national average, local investment and job growth are being hammered.


Renewable Energy Standards Driving up Costs

While some reports indicate energy providers are meeting standards when it comes to relying on reuseable energy, diversity requirements across different forms of renewable energy as well as business costs are driving up costs for consumers.