Supreme Court: States Must Recognize Child Adoptions from Other States

WASHINGTON—Today the Supreme Court held that Alabama courts failed to recognize an adoption by a same-sex couple from Georgia. But this unanimous decision was based purely on the Constitution’s requirement for one state to uphold court decrees from another state and had nothing to do with the LGBT agenda.

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Saudi Researcher: Gender Segregation Makes Men Gay

JAFFA, Israel – An article arguing that gender segregation causes homosexuality has sparked an uproar in Saudi Arabia.  In the article, entitled “Puberty, Gender Segregation, and Homosexuality,” Saudi author and researcher Suaad Alureifi wrote that her studies show that sexual orientation


Italy Battle Over Gay Civil Unions Heads for the Streets

Italy’s battle over legalising same-sex civil unions is about to get heated, with supporters and opponents ready to take to the streets as lawmakers address the deeply divisive issue. Italy is the only major Western European country not to have


Referendum Result: Slovenia Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

LJUBLJANA (Reuters) – Slovenia rejected on Sunday a law that would give same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children in its second vote on gay rights in four years. About 63.4 percent of voters rejected the law in

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