San Diego County

14,000 Used Needles at OC River Homeless Camps

Orange County found 13,950 used hypodermic needles left by evicted homeless people along the Santa Ana River, confirming public health concerns that led to the camps’ removal.

Santa Ana homeless (Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty)

‘Charlie Brown’ Voice Guilty in Hitman Hire Attempt

A man who voiced the lovable Charlie Brown in a series of 1960s television specials has pleaded guilty to making criminal threats after he attempted to solicit a hitman to kill a San Diego law enforcement officer.

Capsized kayaker had Charlie Brown cutout

Drought: CA City Forced to Dump 500,000 Gallons of Drinking Water

California cities are working overtime to conserve water during the state’s record four-year drought–but one city became a victim of its own savings success when it was forced to dump more than half a million gallons of drinkable water down the drain.