Report: Cockroaches Served for Dinner at VA Hospital

A plague of cockroaches has invaded and occupied a kitchen at a VA hospital in Chicago, ensuring that some roaches are being served up as food to veterans, according to a new report at Conservative Review.


George Clooney Tops Hillary Clinton’s ‘Celebrity Crush List’

Amal Clooney may have a few things to say about this. During her Tuesday morning appearance on The View, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton revealed that George Clooney tops the list of celebrities she has a crush on. “Do I


Attorney: Jerry Brown Should ‘Just Confess’ in Oil Scandal

Patricia Oliver, the attorney who uncovered Jerry Brown’s use of state oil and gas experts to search for oil on his family’s private property, told Breitbart News on Thursday that the California governor should “just confess.”


Silicon Valley: $9B Theranos Threatened with Extinction

As Theranos, Inc. was preparing for one of Silicon Valley’s biggest IPO’s when its pin-prick blood test for thousands of diseases was approved by the FDA on July 15, the company was rocked on October 15 by a Wall Street Journal article citing “unnamed” former employees claiming Theranos inflated its testing effectiveness to the FDA.

Theranos Founder and C.E.O. Elizabeth Holmes (Mike Windle / Getty)

Rahm Emanuel Withholds Records on Possible Involvement in Chicago School Contract Scandal

Last week, a former Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO was indicted on charges that she took bribes while steering up to $23 million in no-bid contracts to a consulting firm she once worked for, and some wonder if Emanuel’s office had a hand in that scandal. But the mayor’s office is blocking the release of records that could shed light on that relationship.

AP Photo/Christian K. Lee, File

The Obama Presidency – A Cacophony of Corruption

Obama apologists have recently been trotted out en masse to absurdly portray the Obama presidency as an entirely scandal-free citadel of piety. It is, they assure us, the political equivalent of the Vestal Virgins who guard the sacred flame. As Obama, himself, has insisted, there is not a “scintilla of scandal” to be seen.

Evan Vucci AP

Governor Brown Signs Multinational Climate Change Pact

On Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed onto a pact between 12 regions in seven countries, including four U.S. states, binding each to reduce greenhouse gas emissions drastically. The goal of the cuts is to keep the rise in global average surface temperatures below 2º Celsius. However, recent revisions by the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change suggest global temperatures are projected to rise by less than 1º C over 30 years–and perhaps by less than 0.5º C.


Clinton Silence Extends to CA Dem Convention, Warren Speech Ignites

ANAHEIM, California—Mention of 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been noticeably absent from California’s 2015 Democrat convention as the party faithful flocked to the Saturday speech from Senator Elizabeth Warren, considered by many a Clinton alternative.

warren presidential

California State Departments Funded Raises with Ghost Employees

Seven months after a Sacramento Bee investigation revealed how State of California departments play a personnel shell game to pad their budgets with millions in tax dollars earmarked for staffing salaries, an audit released Friday on the Department of Finance’s website confirmed that phantom employees are very widespread, and some of the cash allocated for salaries has been used to pay for raises and other unauthorized spending instead.


Kerry Washington Demands More LGBT Employment in Hollywood

Scandal star Kerry Washington was honored with the Vanguard Award at Saturday night’s GLAAD Media Awards in Beverly Hills, and used her acceptance speech to call for the employment of more LGBT people in the entertainment industry.


Bolton: Lack of Hillary Email Security ‘800 Lb. Gorilla’

In a conversation with Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Saturday radio program, former Ambassador John Bolton called the lack of security on Hillary Clinton’s private email server the “800 pound gorilla” of the scandal that has surrounded the former Secretary of State in recent days.

AP Photo/Dennis Cook

Op-Ed: It Doesn’t End With Bill

When the dust settled in the University of Illinois clout abuse scandal, not only were the institution’s president and regents fired, but a statewide officeholder, the house speaker, a state senator, a congressman, and two state representatives found themselves in hot water and their political careers in ruins. Texas legislators should pay attention.

University of Texas at Austin

Backlash: Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Premiere Plummets 40%

Despite the kind of publicity and hysteria usually reserved for big-budget summer films, Lena Dunham’s HBO dramedy “Girls” earned its worst premiere ratings to date with a paltry (even for “Girls”) 680,000 viewers. By comparison, season 3 debuted to 1.1

Despite the kind of publicity and hysteria usually reserved for …

USA Today, Chicago Tribune Editorial Boards To Boehner Ally Scalise: Resign

The editorial boards of two major newspapers, USA Today and the Chicago Tribune, have called on House Majority Whip Steve Scalise to resign his post in House GOP leadership after Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy came out in a last-ditch bid to save Scalise on Tuesday.