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UPDATE: CBS Exec Fired After No Sympathy for ‘Republican Gun Toters’ Post

Hayley Geftman-Gold, who served as senior counsel for strategic transactions at CBS, was fired Monday afternoon by the network. In a social media post, Geftman-Gold wrote that, for partisan reasons, she is “not even sympathetic” to the 50-plus murdered and 400-plus hospitalized during Sunday’s shooting massacre in Las Vegas.


Geller: The Third Man

Conspiracy theories bore me. They are an enormous waste of people’s time and energy, particularly now, at a time when conspiracy fact (i.e. the global jihad) is so overwhelming. You don’t need fairy tales when reality is so much more compelling. But something smells rotten in San Bernardino.

FBI and California Department of Motor Vehicles via AP

Paul Ryan Hopes to Find ‘Common Ground’ with Obama

In an interview that aired on CBS’s “60 Minutes” Sunday, newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he hopes to lead a House of Representatives that is “functioning again.” “I think wiping the slate clean was about wiping


Watch: Trump Doubles Down on Reaction to Anti-Muslim Statement

Tuesday on the “CBS Evening News,” anchor Scott Pelley previewed a forthcoming interview with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump set to air on his network’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday. In the preview clip of that interview, Pelley pushed Trump on


White Males Make Nightly News Comeback

America’s identity-politics’ obsessed news media went back to the future Wednesday with the announcement that white male David Muir would replace Diane Sawyer as the weeknight anchor of ABC World News.  Along with white male Brian Williams at NBC and

White Males Make Nightly News Comeback

MSNBC's Chris Matthews the Least Likable News Anchor

A ranking of 24 news personalities found CBS’ Scott Pelley the most likable anchor while MSNBC’s Chris Matthews ran dead last just behind fellow MSNBC host Alex Wagner. The ranking is based on Q scores, a numerical value based on

MSNBC's Chris Matthews the Least Likable News Anchor