Seth MacFarlane


‘Family Guy’ Mocks Kellyanne Conway in Emmy Mailer

Peter Griffin, the patriarch of Seth MacFarlane’s long-running animated Fox comedy Family Guy, is dressed in senior White House strategist Kellyanne Conway’s red-white-and-blue inauguration outfit in the show’s latest Emmy mailer.

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30 Hollywood Power Players Join Georgia Boycott Over Religious Freedom Bill

More than two dozen entertainment industry leaders — including Anne Hathaway, Rob Reiner, Lee Daniels, Aaron Sorkin and Seth MacFarlane — have joined in threatening to never work in the state of Georgia again if Gov. Nathan Deal does not veto a religious freedom bill that passed the state Legislature last week.


MacFarlane and Maher: Trump Is a Backlash to Political Correctness

“Family Guy” Creator Seth MacFarlane and HBO host Bill Maher argued that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump “is largely a result of a backlash to political correctness” on Friday’s “Real Time.” Maher began the discussion by stating, “It used to