281 Human Smuggling Stash Houses Busted in FY23 in Single Texas Border Sector

El Paso Sector Border Patrol agents raided more than 280 human smuggling stash houses during the recently ended Fiscal Year 2023. The raids on the stash house operations in far West Texas and southern New Mexico led to the apprehension of more than 3,600 migrants who were in the process of being smuggled into the U.S. interior.

El Paso Human Smuggling Stash Houses (PHOTOS: U.S. Border Patrol, ICE-HSI)

WATCH: Texas Senate Votes Paxton Not Guilty on All 16 Counts

The Texas Senate “jurors” completed their deliberation and returned to the chambers to deliver their verdict on the 16 Articles of Impeachment against suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton. The verdicts will determine if the impeached attorney general will be removed from or return to his office and duties.

Texas Senators Return to Vote in Paxton Impeachment (AP Photos)

Texas AG Impeachment Trial: Defense Withdraws Motions for Directed Verdict

Defense counsel for Ken Paxton, flamboyant Houston attorney Tony Buzbee, motioned for a directed verdict after House impeachment attorney Rusty Hardin rested the “prosecutions” case. Senate jurors were out deliberating on the motions but returned to the Senate chamber. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced that the “prosecution” and the defense had withdrawn their motions.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, center, strikes his gavel as he talks with defense and prosecu

TEXAS AG IMPEACHMENT DAY 6: Charity Suit Intervention ‘Unfounded and Unethical,’ Criminal Process Used to Benefit Private Donor

During Day 6 of the impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, House Impeachment managers called the special prosecutor hired to investigate state and federal investigators. These included officials who were investigating Nate Paul, and AG Paxton’s securities fraud cases. A “prosecution” witness from the bank said they had to stop the foreclosure of Paxton’s donor’s properties and that pulling the foreclosure due to the controversial AG opinion benefitted the donor.

Paxton Impeachment Trial Day 6 Recap (AP Photos)

LIVE: DAY 7 of Texas AG Ken Paxton Impeachment Trial

During the sixth day of the impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, House Impeachment managers called the special prosecutor hired to investigate the AG’s and his donor’s investigators, including investigators who were also investigating Paxton and his securities fraud cases. The “prosecution” witness from the bank said they had to stop the foreclosure of Paxton’s donor properties and that pulling the foreclosure due to the AG opinion letter benefitted the donor.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, center, talks with defense counsel and prosecution counsel dur

TEXAS AG IMPEACHMENT DAY 5: Adultery, Misuse of State Money for Private Purposes, Travis DA Witnesses

The fifth day of the impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton included reports of adultery and misuse of State resources for private purposes. His former chief of staff testified that “50 percent” of executive-level staff time was spent on activities to benefit donor Natin “Nate” Paul, and it “was directed by Attorney General Ken Paxton.” Paxton wanted to have his office investigate the federal and DPS investigators who were investigating his donor and him, witnesses testified.

Day 5 of Ken Paxton impeachment trial. (AP Photos)

Texas AG Former Chief of Staff on Paxton’s Adultery: ‘My Heart Broke for’ His Wife

The former chief of staff to suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton confronted her boss after his security detail, state-employed personal assistant, and other staff members complained about Paxton’s adulterous relationship with Laura Olson. She also testified about the impact of calendaring changes, extra hours, and weekends staff had to work due to his behavior. This “was not state business,” she testified.

Texas state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, left, reached out to Texas State Sen. Angela Paxton, righ

Texas Ranger ‘Icon,’ Whistleblower Warned AG Paxton He Could Get Indicted

A Texas Ranger “Icon” turned AG whistleblower took the stand on day four of the impeachment trial of suspended Attorney General Ken Paxton. David M. Maxwell, Jr., a distinguished Texas law enforcement officer with 25 years experience as a Texas Ranger, testified that he told the AG that both of them could get indicted if they interfered in the FBI’s investigation of Paxton’s donor, Nate Paul.

Former Texas Ranger David Maxwell testifies during Day 4 of the Texas AG Impeachment Trial

Texas Senate ‘Jurors’ Soundly Reject Motions to Dismiss in Paxton Impeachment Trial

The first morning of the impeachment trial of Texas Attorney General Warren Ken Paxton, Jr., began with consideration of Paxton’s motions to dismiss the articles of impeachment. The Texas senators serving as jurors soundly rejected Paxton’s argument that the Prior-Term “Forgiveness” Doctrine should result in the dismissal of the impeachment proceedings.

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton, center, sits with his attorneys Dan Cogdell, rear

Live Stream: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Trial — Day 1

The impeachment trial of suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton begins at 9 a.m. CDT on Tuesday. The trial is expected to last at least two to three weeks as House impeachment managers present witness testimony and more than 4,000 pages of evidence. Paxton’s lawyers are expected to move for the articles of impeachment to be dismissed under the “prior term doctrine,” claiming the alleged offenses occurred before the last election. 

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton, left, talks with his attorneys before his impeach

Texas Attorney General’s Impeachment Trial Begins

The Texas Senate impeachment trial of suspended Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton, Jr. begins on Tuesday, September 5. Paxton, a former Texas state senator, faces sixteen articles of impeachment. Paxton must enter a guilty or not guilty plea to each article brought against him.

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton makes a statement at his office in Austin, Texas,

EXCLUSIVE: East Texas Businessman to Run Against State House Speaker Dade Phelan

A businessman in Orange, Texas, will announce on Thursday that he is running for the Texas Legislature to unseat the current speaker of the house. The former Orange County Republican chairman and current member of the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) says he will represent the conservative values abandoned by the current representative.

David Covey (right) to run against House Speaker Dade Phelan (left) for State House Seat.

Texas House to Vote on Impeachment of AG Ken Paxton

The Texas House of Representatives will convene on Saturday at 1 p.m. to act on 20 articles of impeachment filed against Attorney General Ken Paxton. The House General Investigations Committee, composed of three Republicans and two Democrats referred the articles of impeachment to the House on Thursday evening.

Texas state Attorney General Ken Paxton, center, flanked by his staff, makes a statement a

Texas Governor Seeks Stiffer Penalties for Human Smuggling

AUSTIN, Texas — Governor Greg Abbott asked the Legislature to increase penalties for those convicted of human smuggling incidents. The state has seen a spike in attempts as criminal organizations expand their use of social media to recruit smugglers, Abbott told Breitbart Texas.

Texas DPS troopers arrests a suspected human smuggler. (File Photo: Texas Department of Pu

Texas Moves to Protect Residents from Extreme Spike in Energy Bills

Leaders of Texas’ executive and legislative branches met on Saturday to protect Texans from an expected spike in their energy bills. The meeting took place via a conference call attended by the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house, and key legislative committee chairs.

Oncor crews work to restore power to homes in Euless, Texas, Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. (AP

Texas Leaders Begin Blaming Others for Power Failures During Winter Storms

As millions of Texans were left in the darkness and cold during a massive winter storm, Texas leaders began pointing fingers and calling for investigations. The Texas Legislature will now address reform of the state’s electrical grid as an “emergency item” and seek answers as to why electric producers and distribution systems failed miserably.

Power lines are shown Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021, in Houston. More than 4 million people in Te

Texas State Rep: Hard to Imprison Trump If He Dies from Coronavirus

Texas House of Representatives member Gene Wu (D-137) lamented on Twitter Friday evening that it would be “hard to serve a prison sentence” if President Donald Trump dies of Coronavirus. Not long after, the tweet was deleted and replaced with well wishes for a full recovery. The southwest Houston politician did not offer an apology for the original statement.

President Donald Trump

Embattled Texas House Speaker Won’t Seek Re-Election

The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives announced Tuesday that he will not seek re-election for the next session. The statement follows crumbling support among top Republican leaders and the release of a recording from a meeting that seems to confirm allegations of wrongdoing in June.

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen. (AP File Photo: Eric Gay)

Texas Rangers to Investigate Bribery Allegations Against House Speaker, GOP Caucus Chair

The Texas House General Investigating Committee voted to request an investigation into allegations made against the Speaker of the House and the Republican Caucus Chairman. The accusations stem from a June 12 meeting in the Capitol where the House Speaker and Republican Caucus chairman allegedly made a quid pro quo offer to an activist in exchange for political action against fellow House members.

Texas House General Investigating Committee hearing on the matter of bribery allegations a