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Report: U.S. Withdrawal from Syria Could Take Several Months

A week after President Trump’s surprising announcement that he was withdrawing U.S. troops from Syria, the U.S. military is drafting a withdrawal plan that could have U.S. troops leaving over several months, according to U.S. officials, who stressed that no final decisions have been made about the planned pace of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria.

The Associated Press

Syria, Russia, and Iran Applaud U.S. Troop Withdrawal

President Donald Trump said on Thursday that Russia, Iran, and Syria are “not happy” about the American troop withdrawal from Syria because they will now be required to shoulder the burden of fighting terrorist groups like the Islamic State.

School chikldren walk past a US military vehicle in the Kurdish-held town of Al-Darbasiyah in northeastern Syria bordering Turkey on November 4, 2018. - Three armoured vehicles carrying soldiers wearing the US flag on their uniform arrived in the area after renewed tensions between Ankara and Syrian Kurds, a spokesman …